Project management:

  • We offer complete project management services for design and construction projects according to the Project Management Institute (PMI) methodology. Project Charter and Project Management Plan (PMP) are prepared for each project and Client approval is taken before the start of any project. Our project management includes:
    • Planning & Scheduling:  We provide professional planning and scheduling to projects according to PMI standards, which covers project planning and scheduling from initiating to planningexecutingmonitor and control, to project closing.
    • Scope Management: A complete creation of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of the scope, scope baseline, identifications of tasks and reflection of that in the time schedule. The scope will be monitored throughout the project for any deviation.
    • Time Management: A complete build-up of a detailed construction time schedule using either Microsoft Project or Primavera. As required, the time schedules can be loaded with resources and cost. Weights could be assigned for tasks to monitor and report physical progress. Services of schedule updates, schedule crashing or fast tracking are offered as well.
    • Cost Management: Cost is managed using the Earned Value (EV) methodology. At any time of the project planned, earned, actual and estimate to complete values/costs are calculated and cost performance index (CPI) and cost at completion are estimated.
    • Issues and Risks Management: Creation of issues and risks registers from the start of any project. Issues will be monitored closely. Qualitative and quantitative risks analysis can be performed depending on the project type and size. Otherwise simple analysis of Probability and Impact of Occurrence can be estimated and risks are weighted and followed up closely.
    • Quality Management: We ensure that a quality system is in place during the design and construction stages.
    • Variations/Changes Management: Changes in the project (scope, time, cost, quality, specifications, resources, external, etc. ) are monitored, analyzed and a recommendation is submitted to the Client for the final decision. Register of Contemplated Change Notice (CCN) and Change Orders (COs) are maintained.
    • Procurement Management: Gannet can help in selecting the type of contract for procurement. Gannet can also help in drafting the procurement agreement.
    • Resources Management: Resources are generally managed by the design consultant or construction contractor. Gannet can monitor resources employed in the project and any changes to them and impact on the project’s cost/time/quality/risks.
    • Stakeholders Management: Gannet offers a complete management of all stakeholders including the Client, design consultant, construction contractor, city, permit departments, the public, etc.


Tendering Services:

Gannet offers a complete tendering services that includes:

  • Preparation of the complete design tender documents that include front end documents (or instruction to tenderers), conditions of the contract, and scope of the design consultant services. We also ensure that legal requirements are covered.
  • Preparation of the complete construction tender documents that include front end documents (or instruction to tenderers), conditions of contract, scope of the construction contractor, review of the drawings and specifications, issuing addendums if required, and follow up
  • Evaluation of the design or construction tenders/bids and recommendation of award


Construction Management:

  • We offer a complete construction management services for any civil construction project including site supervision, quality control and quality assurance, site meetings with construction contractors and clients, specifications compliance, permits follow up, time control, cost control, changes and variations control and management, issues and risks control, dispute management, documents management, commissioning supervision, punch-list, completion certificate, management of warranties and maintenance period and project closure.