Equipment Supply:

Gannet is an agent for a selective water and wastewater equipment. We select and always search for the top notch equipment in the water and wastewater fields.

Our services stretch from bidding and direct purchase to after sale technical support and trouble shooting.


We offer design services for water and wastewater treatment plants (WWTP).

Whether it is a small scale (package) or large scale WWTP, we do them all.

Process Modelling:

We offer process modelling for existing (brown field) and new (green field) wastewater treatment plants using BioWin or GPSX software. Process modelling can be conducted for design verification, process optimisation, and/or plant upgrade. We have the expertise to build-up the model from scratch, calibrate the model using real data and use the calibrated model for simulation.

Assessment of existing (brown field) facilities:

We can assess the physical, operation, hydraulic and performance conditions of equipment, structure, processes, and the whole facility and provide a professional report that includes recommendation for any required repairs or upgrade.

Turn-Key Solutions:

Gannet offers turn-key solutions for industrial establishment for water and wastewater treatment. This solution is a relief for industrial entities who need one single company to take the responsibility from A to Z and provide a facility that meets the required performance.