Planning & Scheduling

Planning using Primavera P6 aims to:

  • Identify the total scope of the project and plan to deliver it,
  • Evaluate different project delivery methods,
  • Identify the Deliverables required to deliver the project under a logical breakdown of the project,
  • Identify and optimize the use of resources and evaluate if target dates may be met,
  • Identify risks, plan to minimize them and set priorities,
  • Provide a baseline plan against which progress is measured,
  • Assist in stakeholders’ communication, identifying what is to be done, when and by whom and
  • Assist management to think ahead and make informed decisions.

2 thoughts on “Planning & Scheduling

  1. Imran Rana Reply

    I think for the Enterprise / Corporate level projects, Primavera is more powerful than MS Project. I have seen on small projects, contractors prefer to use MS Project.

    When you use tools like Primavera / MS Project for planning and scheduling you have more control over triple constraints, Scope, Time, and Cost so that you can analyze/forecast any slippage of schedule and take measures to keep the project on track.

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